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The ladies on here will do things your girlfriend wouldn't agree to in a million years. Some of them want discreet sex, friend with benefits, some an ongoing fuck buddy situation, and some want good sex while their husbands are on business trips.

They've all got one thing in common -- they're looking for regular sex and want meet up ASAP. Sound like fun? Then ditch the useless dating apps and other hookup sites, start chatting with horny girls, and come find a hookup in your local area fuck tonight!

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Let's be honest, modern dating is a total chore. You have to pretend to be interested in a girl's boring anecdotes until she eventually invites you into her bed. Then, once she's realized you're not looking for a girlfriend, and are just interested in fucking without spending quality time together, she ghosts you and moves on.

Most guys hate having to endure all the bullshit that comes with dating and don't want a serious relationship just to get a sniff of pussy, which is why we take the hard work out of getting laid. This free app is designed to help you find sex partners that want the same thing with no strings attached. We'll help you get all the benefits of a relationship without the emotions and drama.

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Looking to find a fuckbuddy? Maybe a FWB relationship or a side chick? Then we're the place for you. We break the rules of conventional dating apps by making everything about casual sex. More people than ever are tired of relationships and the pain that comes with them. That's why people are joining our free sex site.

We make it explicitly clear that we only promote fuckbuddies, friend with benefits, one night stands and no strings attached casual sex so that everyone's on the same page. In other words, this is the app for local hookups only.

All of the men and ladies know exactly what they're getting themselves into when they sign up. Unlike with dating sites, our members want a casual sex partner and nothing more. You can find other people who are DTF anywhere, and then, the only question before you meet n fuck tonight is your bedroom or theirs?

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All The Benefits Of Dating, None Of The Hassle

If orgasms were a fruit, then the girls on this sex site definitely get their five a day. Anyone who joins this app is going to be hella sex-positive, and we guarantee that you'll find nothing but open-minded, horny, sexually adventurous beauties on here who just want a local hook up tonight.

You'll have no problem finding sexual gratification tonight. We have members all around the world where other free fuck sites fail to deliver. On our free fuck site, you'll find babes of all shapes, sizes and sex preferences looking to meet n fuck tonight.

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What makes our free fuck site so great? Here are just a few of our great features that are designed to help you find fuck friends quickly and easily.

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All it takes is an username, email, password, and a few questions and you'll be thrown head first into our world of sexual debauchery. Simply sign up, and start browsing for new fuck buddies within minutes. No time wasting, no bullshit. In fact, we guarantee you'll be chatting to a local woman who want a free local fuck within an hour of downloading our app!


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If you're not one for commitments, you can use our free trial membership to try our free local sex hookup app with a free profile. You'll have access to all the features, and if for whatever reason Fuck Buddies doesn't do it for you, you can cancel your account at no charge.


Search Thousands of Potential Partners

With our search features, you can filter users to find the girl of your dreams, delivered straight to your phone. Narrow down users by age, location, body type, ethnicity, activities, language and even sexual fantasies. Our members love uploading adult material to their profiles, so if you're not in the mood to fuck tonight, you can check them out before wasting any time.


AI-Based Fuck Buddy Matches

Not only do we match users based on location, but we also use your profile data to help you find your ideal partner. You'll be matched on looks, personality, sexual and relationship interests so you find someone wanting the same level of commitment. If you've mentioned one night stands in your profile, you won't be matched with any friends looking for intimacy, friendship, and casual dating.

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Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our fuckbuddy members are saying about our website!
Steve, Fuck Buddies App user

Online dating sucks. I've hated it since day one. But after finding this app, I love getting online every night and seeing the slutty chicks that are waiting for me. I've never had much good luck with the whole hooking up thing, but since downloading this app I've banged enough chicks to last me a lifetime. Right now I'm in a friends-with-benefits type situation with three different women, and I'm not lying when I say my balls haven't been full in weeks. One woman comes over after work every single day. I've never had so much fun in my life!

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Jason, Fuck Buddies App user

I'm a busy guy so I don't have the time or energy to really "date" women. I just got out of a relationship after two years. I used to use Tinder to find casual hookups, but it started to get infested with girls looking for relationships, and that wasn't my thing. But then I found Fuck Buddies and my sex life changed overnight. From the first time I logged on, there's a message every day with nudes in my inbox from a girl in town wanting a new fuckbuddy. And if she doesn't take my fancy, I can scroll through the thousands of chicks available and arrange a discreet hookup within minutes. Best of all, the ladies on here are into some CRAZY shit! It's honestly the best sex website I've found, my favorite so far!

103 comments, 56 shares

Have more questions?

What Is Fuck Buddies?

Fuck Buddies is the hottest free fuck app that makes finding casual encounters easier than ever before. This isn't like Tinder. This is for people who want just sex and all are on the same page, and aren't about to catch feelings. They just want to get laid and keep things casual.

You won't find any local girls on here looking for anything serious or lavish dinner dates. They don't want you to be their boyfriend and hell, most of them don't even care about foreplay. They just want a casual sex partner who will rip their clothes off, and ride cock like there's no tomorrow.

What is a fuck buddy?

A "fuck buddy" relationship when through mutual fondness or good friendship, two persons engage in a sexual relationship with no emotional commitment or expectations, just to enjoy sex. A fuck buddy isn't a person who has to be your best friend, or someone you spend time with at all outside of having sex.

How do I find a fuck buddy?

If you're looking to find a fuck buddy, your best bet would be to sign up for an app like ours. However, many people of course find fuckbuddies or friends with benefits by going out to bars, a party, or other social events to meet and talk to people.

How do I ask someone to be my fuck buddy?

Finding the words to ask someone you met in real life be your fuck buddy can be tricky, which is why most people use a website like ours instead. With our app, you can simply see a list of people looking to hook up, and ask them with respect in a completely straightforward way.

How do I get rid of a fuck buddy?

Although a fuck buddy relationship is meant to be something where two people can have sex and go their separate ways, you may want to end the relationship if one person is feeling like they want something romantic or develop feelings. Our advice? The best way to get rid of a fuck buddy is to have an open conversation, and start talking how you feel and simply stop having sex with your fuck buddy before it ends in heartbreak.

Is it wrong to have a fuck buddy?

It's not wrong at all to have a fuck buddy. When you agree on some ground rules and have mutual respect to engage in a purely sexual relationship purely as an act of pleasure, then nobody involved will get hurt and both people have fun. Most importantly, remember to keep the safety and sexual health of yourself and your partners in mind, and always practice safe sex.

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