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Sex Friend: How To Hook Up With Your Best Friend

It's only natural that if you have a best friend of the opposite gender, your minds might wander to the possibilities, creating sexual tension. If your bestie is also attractive, she could be the girl of your dreams if she's also sexually attracted to you. 

But do you really want to take it there? Not sure what to do or how to go about getting into this situation without ruining your friendship? Feel like you're stuck in the friend zone? Fuck Buddies has put together some tips on how to hook up with your friend.

Make Sure You're Both Interested

First off, make absolutely certain that both of you are on the same page before starting a sexual relationship. Also know that even once you've decided to start fooling around together, things can get uncomfortable pretty quickly, especially if neither one of you has had sex outside of relationships before. Don't let either one of you feel pressured to do something they're not comfortable with because if you screw this up, you might not remain friends.

Set Boundaries

It's important to set boundaries between each other before you ever begin having any kind of sexual interaction. Communicating makes all the difference. It's easy for a casual hookup to turn into a full-blown relationship, which is fine if that's what both of you are looking for. Just remember that your friendship may come first if things don't work out, so make sure to discuss these issues beforehand.

Talk About It

If you're going to sleep with someone, whether it's your best friend or not, it's always good to talk to them beforehand. This gives you the opportunity to confirm the sexual chemistry and see where you stand with each other, and avoid hurt feelings. 

If they aren't interested in sleeping with you, and isn't physically attracted, you don't need to press the issue further. However, if they are, then you should both agree on a safe word or phrase that means "stop" to whoever is participating in the action.

Prepare Yourself

Before you decide to let loose with your best friend, prepare yourself mentally as well. Think about all of the things you've seen on TV and movies and try to keep it at an appropriate level when you're with her. 

Make sure you know exactly what you want from this encounter, whether it's a committed relationship or just sex, and make certain you know the consequences of what could take place. If she says no, back off immediately.

Don't Let The Moment Pass By

Once you've talked about it, you need to act on it. Don't just sit there thinking about it because nothing will ever happen if you don't do anything. Take control of the situation and figure out how to make it happen.

Keep Things Casual

Remember that you're friends, so you can't let things get too serious. Keep your expectations low and let things progress naturally. If you both want a romantic relationship and not just sex, then take your time. 

Communicate if you are developing feelings, or you'll probably ruin your friendship. Make sure to have fun and enjoy yourself while keeping it light-hearted. After all, this isn't the type of thing you should do every day!

Know That It May End Badly

This is a pretty big step to take. Understand that it might end badly, but you should also try to see it through. You may find that this becomes a regular part of your lives together, or things could cool down after a few months.

One or both of you may develop feelings and you may become more emotionally intimate. You might cause problems with other friends, other women may be jealous, or you may end up going separate ways. Either way, it's worth a shot.

Be Safe And Enjoy It

Finally, make sure that you're being safe and that both of you are enjoying yourselves. Nothing should mess up your friendship faster than hurting one another during intimacy. You want to make sure when you turn a close friend into a sexual partner or start a new relationship, things don't get awkward.

What is a sex friend?

A sex friend is a person who you have sex with (usually casually) but whose primary purpose is not long-term romantic involvement, but no strings attached sex. Sex friends are often used to relieve stress since they're usually a lot easier to get along with than a significant other. Since comfort is an important factor, many people decide to have sex with a friend who they already know well.

Why would I consider having a sex friend?

You might be wondering why anyone would want to have a sex friend when they can have a boyfriend or girlfriend. There are many reasons why you might want to have a sex friend, including the following:

You don't like drama.

Having a sex friend allows you to avoid unnecessary drama that can sometimes arise. Sex friends won't judge you based on past behavior or future plans. They simply want to relieve yourself and have a good time, so there's no need for petty arguments.

You have a busy schedule.

Everyone has a busy schedule these days, which makes it hard to juggle a relationship with work and school. When you have a sex friend, you can have sex whenever you want without worrying about making time for each other.

You don't want to settle down right now.

Perhaps you're not ready to commit to a real relationship, but that doesn't mean you don't want sex. Only you can decide that. In fact, you might actually prefer having a casual sex friend over a serious relationship, and your female friends could feel the same way.

You have a high sex drive.

Some people are constantly horny and can't seem to get enough attention from their partner. A sex friend is perfect for these people because they offer a convenient outlet that allows you to satisfy your needs without having to deal with someone else's feelings.

You're bored.

Life gets dull after a while, which can make it difficult to find someone to spend time with. A sex friend offers a refreshing new experience to your sex life that ensures you always have something to look forward to.

You have trust issues.

Most relationships fail because one or both partners cheat. A sex friend provides an opportunity to experiment with dating without the fear of getting hurt. Best friends already trust each other, and that makes physical contact easier.